Need to setup a HylaFAX server and you are located in the area Frankfurt/Main (Germany)? Then have a look at
Sie benötigen Support für Linux oder Sie suchen jemanden der Ihnen einen HylaFAX Server installiert? Dann schauen Sie doch mal auf vorbei.

WHFC 1.0 a Windows Client for HylaFAX

Which features does WHFC support

  • As many phonebooks as you like and ODBC support for the phonebooks (now including views support)
  • Sending postscript files and sending a fax via a fax printer
  • Supports sending to multiple fax addresses
  • E-Mail notification on success and failure
  • Removing faxes from the queue
  • Dynamically update of the sendqueue status window
  • Good configurable (per user)
  • Own Faxqueue for using WHFC off-line
  • Usable via OLE for macro processing
  • Changing job-parameters for queued faxes (not implemented yet)
  • Configurable Dial String/Separator for the Phonebooks
  • Time zone selection
  • Windows Setup program
  • National language support including a possibility to generate your own language module, customize the dialogs etc.
  • A "quick and dirty" fax viewer solution with an external viewer program.
  • Sourcecode available under GPL.

WHFC Version 1.0.9

Supports now passive ftp and can send company, location and user via the JPARM "TOCOMPANY",TOLOCATION" and "TOUSER" parameters to the HylaFAX server. Please read the installation section carefully how to enable this.

Also you can set the killtime for faxes to the HylaFAX server default in case the extended range from 1-48h which whfc provides now is not enough. Just move the killtime slider to the leftmost position.

Last updated: 03-Oct-2018 11:20