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The Registry


The settings used for every user.


The user configuration. It can be changed via the user settings dialog.


The system wide configurations for whfc (on NT you must be administrator if you want to change the system settings).

The system configuration for whfc. All the settings which can be changed via the system dialog.


Settings for the printer monitor.

Settings for the OLE Server. WHFC will generate and handle this registry entries automatically.These settings are also required by the portmonitor (on NT you must be administrator if you want to change these registry entries).



The WHFC Phonebook format (1.1)

The WHFC phonebook is a simple ascii file. The first 8 characters must be PBOOK1.1.

The fields of a phonebook entry are separated by | .

Field order :
  • Entry name
  • Fax number (if there are more than one faxnumber, the numbers are separated by the phonebook separator character defined in the system settings)
  • To
  • Company
  • Location
  • Voice Number
  • Remarks
  • Fine Print (0 use 98 lpi, 1 use 196 lpi)

A new record is appendet directly at the end of the last record


WHFC use a pipe on Windows 2000/XP for the communication between WHFC and the port monitor. A pipe is also used on NT, when the terminal server extension is enabled.

On Windows NT/2000/XP the pipe is named \\.\pipe\WHFCPIPE .

On Windows 95/98 or NT with disabled terminal server extension the OLE interface is used for communication.

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