Installing a fax viewer solution.

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First you have to export the directory /var/spool/fax/recvq on your HylaFAX host e.g. via samba. If you do it with samba you can put the following entry in smb.conf :

    comment = Fax Receive Queues    
    browsable = yes    
    path = /var/spool/fax/recvq    
    public = yes    
    writable = no

Then install the faxviewer somewhere on your harddrive. If you have installed e.g. tiffview on the directory c:\Programms\tiffview enter "c:\Programms\tiffview \\hylafaxhost\recvq\%s" on the systemsettings dialog in the field "Program and arguments for viewing received faxes" (replace hylafax host with the correct hostname of your HylaFAX server).

Installing different languages

Via language dll's you can install additional languages. I have put a page together, where you can find all available languages.

For every language you want to have, you get a file, starting with whfclang. and an ending describing the language e.g. the german translation is called whfclang.ger . After downloading your preferred languages and unzipping the file you must copy it the directory which you have entered in the "Searchpath for language dll" field (have a look on this description for some additional notes) in the system dialog. This path should be different from the working directory of whfc and is predefine to the windows system directory.

If you have copied all your language dll's then every user should see the installed languages in the "user Settings dialog" and should be able to select its preferred language.

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