User settings

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user settings dialog


Full name of the user


The login of the user


E-Mail address of the user. It's required for e-mail notification


Enter here the full path to a fax cover template (See the HylaFAX documentation for "faxcover" about infos on generation of a fax cover).


If language dll's are installed the user can choose it's favorite language. The language will be fully active after restarting whfc. On Windows NT newly opened windows will have the selected language but not the main window, on Windows 95/98 your must restart whfc.

Use Faxcover, Fine Print

Default values for "Use Faxcover" and "Fine Print" (when enabled send fax with 196 lpi) on the Faxnumber dialog.

Auto Update

Do an automatic update of the sendqueue. You must also enable this, if you want an automatic update of the job status log.

Default settings for the faxcover from section

Enter here your default settings for the from section of the faxcover. This will be used as a default on the faxnumber dialog.

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