Working with WHFC

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whfc main window

Menu Fax

Here you can change the system settings and user settings

Menu Logs

Define and View the WHFC Job Log.


image: fax.gif Send a postscript file as fax
image: ph.gif Open the phonebook window
image: log.gif View the WHFC Job log
image: trash.gif Remove a fax

Whfc in "online mode" . WHFC needs a permanent network connection. All faxes will be sent directly to the HylaFAX server.

image: queue.gif Display Send - Receive and Done queue

Whfc in "off-line mode". If whfc is working in offline mode it does not need a permanent network connection to the HylaFAX server. In case there is no connection, whfc spools the faxes localy and sends it to the HylaFAX server, when it's connected to the network.

 connect.gif The toolbar, when whfc is connected to the network. You can display the Send - Receive and Done queue. The Local queue is not accessible. For closing the network connection, click on the connector button Then whfc goes "off-line".

 discon.gif Whfc is disconnected from the network. Now you can only view the Local queue, but whfc does not require a network connection.

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