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For customizing whfc there are the system settings and the user settings. In the system menu you can change all necessary system settings like the HylaFAX server etc. On Windows NT only the administrator can change these settings.

System settings

system settings dialog


Enter here the hostname of the HylaFAX server

Port. No.

The IP - port number of the new HylaFAX protocol (normally port 4559)

Job format

The output format of the send queue. See the jobfmt section of HylaFAX for a description of all parameters. The first parameter %-4j is required.

Max Dial, Max. Tries

How many times HylaFAX tries to send a fax (see also the HylaFAX documentation about this)

Local Time

Should whfc uses/display the time as the local time zone (localtime enabled) or as UTC.

Spool Directory

Shows the spooling directory of the fax printer if there is one installed. You can change this parameter only in the printer dialog of Windows.

Remove printer control sequence

Some printers sends printer specific characters before the postscript code. This can confuse HylaFAX. Enable this for removing this control sequences (this is recommended).

Spooldirectory for off-line mode

A directory, where the local queued faxes will be stored.

Searchpath for language dll's

The path where whfc searches for language dll's. This path is predefined as the system directory of Windows. However, for security reasons i would recommend that you change this directory to an area which is read only for the ordinary user, so that nobody can use whfc to install a troyan language dll, which may get executed when whfc is run with administrator rights. The windows system directory is a bad place for dll's because it's not really possible to make this directory read only. But this is a common security problem of NT.

If you have Windows 95/98 and you are concerned about security, there is an easy work around for the non existing security on Windows 95/98. Hit your Windows box approximately 10 times with a large slash hammer and your PC has a high security standard ...

Program and arguments for viewing received faxes

Here you can specify a program for viewing received faxes. This program must be capable of viewing tiff-g3 files which are 1D and 2D encoded. The token %s will be replaced by the filename of the tiff - file. So you can specify a command including commandline arguments which will start a tiff viewer.

Update Interval

After how many seconds the sendqueue should be updated. Valid values are 30-120 sec.

Check doneq

The done-queue of HylaFAX will be checked after "Update Interval" seconds * "Check doneq" for updating the WHFC job status log. If you set this value to 0 the donequeue will never been checked and also the WHFC job status log will never be updated.

Old Cover Page

Enable this, if you want the old buggy cover sheet generator of whfc (not recommended).

Stay in Taskbar

When enabled, whfc stays in the taskbar as a small icon.

Work in off-line mode

Whfc doesn't try to connect to the HylaFAX server on startup. It starts working in off-line mode.


Enables/Disables the usage of the ODBC Phonebook. If you don't need ODBC for your phonebook, deselect this item.

Valid Dialstrings

Specify here all characters, which are valid dialstring characters.

Phonebook separator

This is the separator character for phone numbers in the phonebook.

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