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WHFC 1.2 a Windows Client for HylaFAX

Which features does WHFC support

  • As many phonebooks as you like and ODBC support for the phonebooks (now including views support)
  • Sending postscript files and sending a fax via a fax printer
  • Supports sending to multiple fax addresses
  • E-Mail notification on success and failure
  • Removing faxes from the queue
  • Dynamically update of the sendqueue status window
  • Good configurable (per user)
  • Own Faxqueue for using WHFC off-line
  • Usable via OLE for macro processing
  • Changing job-parameters for queued faxes
  • Configurable Dial String/Separator for the Phonebooks
  • Time zone selection
  • Windows Setup program
  • National language support including a possibility to generate your own language module, customize the dialogs etc.
  • Fax viewer solution with an external viewer program.
  • Sourcecode available under GPL.

New features in WHFC 1.2

  • Nicer looking queue window. Labels in the queue window can be customized via the "Modify Queue Text" Button in the system settings
  • Supports sorting.
  • Queue and modem window resizes now with the main window size
  • Run on Terminal servers
  • Deletion of faxes in the receive queue now possible.
  • There is no need to have the job id as first item in the queue.
  • Download of faxes for viewing via ftp.
  • Supports the current 4.1 HylaFAX coversheet.
  • Rewritten off-line mode.
  • All "hidden" features of the current WHFC 1.0 versions are available via GUI
  • User can now specify a modem for the fax
  • Preview of the outgoing fax
Last updated: 03-Oct-2018 09:20