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WHFC - Download.

Getting WHFC 1.2.4

Before starting the installation, please have a look on the "Needed components for WHFC" section of the installation page, because you may require to download other components from Microsoft, before you can start WHFC. Also please read the installation instruction carefully.

As of WHFC 1.2.4 i have switched the installer to Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). Now there is an own setup program for windows 95/98 and windows NT/2000/XP Also the german, italian, french and spanish language supplements are included in the setup. Other language modules can be downloaded separately. See the language dll page for available languages. The md5sums for all archives can be found here.

With windows conform setup program


A debug version of Whfc 1.2.3

This version of whfc.exe writes debugging information to the file C:\whfc.dbg .

The online documentation (168 KB)

The example sourcecode for generating your own language dll.

Other stuff

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