Examples for OLE

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Example for Corel Office

I have written a small macro example for Corel Word Perfect. This macro sends a Word Perfect document to two fax numbers.

First it selects a printer which is "connected" to a file. Then i chooses a filename for the output file and prints the document. Then it makes a connection the WHFC Ole Server and submits this document to WHFC.

Download the corel example

Example for Visual Basic

Thanks to Andreas Koegle

Download the visual basic example

Example for calling whfc from perl

Perl distributions libwin32 and ActiveState :

Thanks to Jens Krause

Download the perl example

Example for Word and Mailmerge

Thanks to Keith Gray

Download the Word example

An other example for Word and Mailmerge

Thanks to Michael DeWitt

Download the Word example

Example for using Goldmine

Thanks to Sujay D'Souza

Download the Goldmine example

Example for using Visual Foxpro

Thanks to Michael Coop

Download the Visual Foxpro example

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